The Natural Genesis - Gerald Massey

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Gerald Massey's work has become essential for readers seeking a balanced understanding of human origins, religious thought and belief, and the role of Africa in world history. A native of England, Gerald Massey (1828-1907) was a poet, Shakespearian scholar, mythographer, and radical Egyptologist who maintained that Africa was the source of "the greatest civilization in the world." According to Massey, "all evidence cries aloud its proclamation that Africa was the birthplace of the non-articulate and Egypt the mouthpiece of articulate men."

With The Natural Genesis, first published in 1883, Massey continues the work that he began in A Book of the Beginnings. In The Natural Genesis, he delves deeper into ancient Egypt's influence on modern myths, symbols, religions, and languages. By proclaiming Egypt as the birthplace of modern civilization, Massey challenges conventions of theology as well as fundamental notions of race supremacy.

 The Natural Genesis is based on Massey's study of hieroglyphic inscriptions, bone-caves, and cuneiform tables of ancient Egypt. The findings from Massey's years of dedicated research are carefully documented here and encompass such broad areas as religion and the occult, etymology, astrology, and mythology, as well as exploring such fascinating topics as Christian religious symbolism and the origins of verbal communication. As Massey unravels the mysteries of our ancient origins, he moves us closer to understanding our contemporary existence.

Introduction by Charles S. Finch. 1883*,1998. Two-Volume set. 1087 pgs. Paperback.

Volume I and Volume II are available separately as kindle e-books for $9.99 each.

Link to Volume I e-book.

Link to Volume II e-book.


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