The COINTELPRO Papers - Ward Churchill & Jim Vander Wall

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Readers anxious about the loss of civil liberties under George W. Bush will find ground for their fears-and suggestions for activism-in The COINTELPRO Papers. Ward Churchill and Jim Vander Wall's exposé of America's political police force, the FBI, reveals the iron fist hiding beneath the velvet glove of "compassionate conservatism."

 The lawlessness wreaked on The Black Panther Party and the American Indian Movement by agencies of the U.S. government - the murders, assaults, spying, frame-ups and the illegal imprisonments of innocent people should never be forgotten. Agents of Repression and The COINTELPRO Papers ensure that the memory of this troubled period is recorded with accuracy and the rigorous detail it deserves. The Black Classic Press editions of these two important works contain a new introductory retrospective by author Ward Churchill detailing the history of both books and significant related events that have occurred since their original publication. 565 pgs. Paperback.


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    A must-own text

    Posted by Jesse Hassinger on 24th May 2022

    The COINTELPRO Papers (and its partner Agents of Repression) is an essential text that represents the truth of the US government's propaganda and covert war against citizens who were (and some still are) fighting for their freedom from under the nation state of systemic racist oppression. A great primer for looking at how, at the very basic level, the US can destroy groups and individuals.