Self-Healing Power and Therapy - K.Kia Bunseki-Kiau

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Based on the Bantu-Kongo teachings on the art of healing combined with today's sophisticated methods of healing, here is, for the very first time, a thorough exploration and explanation of an ancient art in a modern setting whose efficacy has survived the test of time. Introduction by Marimba Ani. Inprint Editions. 1991*, 2003. Paper $14.95.


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    What an awesome, paridigm shifting, important read.

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Oct 2021

    Firstly I must commend the Black Classic Press on their service. Your delivery was fast and attentive. I really appreciated that. Also, I LOVE THE BOOK AND SUGGEST THAT ALL AFRICAN PEOPLE THROUGHOUT THE DIASPORA READ IT! We need a paradigm shift from this baron barbaric colonialist system of death that the western world delivers. And this book is a wonderful start. To describe our life force and physical beings as "living suns that have received a genetic package of power at the moment of conception" is immediately healing to my soul and liberating. I LOVE IT!

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    greetings family,buseki is extraordinary with our bantu info!

    Posted by heruka okofo on 6th Sep 2021

    Looking forward to a txt by Dr Frances welsing…

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    Great Information from a brilliant scholar

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Jan 2020

    Dr. FuKiah shares a profoundly deep concept of how we can improve ourselves.