Higher Learning: Hip Hop In the Ivory Tower - Karin L. Stanford and Charles E. Jones, Eds.

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 Similar to the ways that Jazz, the Blues and Soul music heightened consciousness and educated scores of generations, Hip Hop music and culture has become a source of enlightenment around the world. Hip Hop Studies came of age in the 1990’s as purveyors of the culture became scholars and proselytized the academic merits of the music and lifestyle. Higher Learning: Hip Hop in the Ivory Tower features a collection of instructive articles by educators in multiple fields who share their successful Hip Hop-based pedagogical strategies. Written to encourage deep learning among millennials, these experts evaluate the intellectual discourse surrounding Hip Hop and use its uniqueness to teach a wide range of academic subjects. Going beyond lyrics in the classroom, Higher Learning: Hip Hop in the Ivory Tower is a valuable source of Hip Hop based information and an exchange of ideas that can close the generation gap for decades to come. Edited by Karin Stanford and Charles E. Jones. Paperback.