E-book: 100 Years of Lynching - Ralph Ginzburg

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(E-book) First published in 1962, 100 Years of Lynching, is as relevant today as it was then. It presents the reader with vivid newspaper accounts of a "red record of racial atrocities." It is a simple and straight forward presentation. Lacking narration, the news articles speak for themselves. Through them, we witness a history of racial atrocities that we cannot afford to forget. Ginzburg skillfully selected articles from a wide range of papers, large and small, radical and conservative, white and Black. Through them, he has created a documentary of lynchings. The collection of articles which extend into the 1960s provides a sobering view of American history. Few who read the book will remain unaffected by this view.

 Through Ralph Ginzburg's 100 Years of Lynching, we gain insight and understanding of the magnitude of racial violence. The hidden past is illuminated to rekindle the defensive vigilance of this generation.  1962*, 1988.


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