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It is impossible to read this eulogy without thinking of Ossie Davis talking about Malcolm X. Ras clears the air of foul fumes that crept into the crevices of newspaper obits about his father. The Dutchman's son shaped out of "Clay" and pulled from Ellison's fiction. His words are as honest as the blues. Ras playing the chords of his father's words—sounding as remarkable as Ellington. Not only "playing" in the tradition but further composing the motion of history. Everything you wanted to know about Amiri Baraka is told by Ras. A sweet summary of life with all its hotness. Black fire as if the world could be reduced to ashes and then turned back into memory.


From the opening note by E. Ethelbert Miller



We are honored to share that Black Classic Press has published the eulogy, A Black Fire! written and delivered by Ras Baraka at the home going celebration for his father, Amiri Baraka. The eulogy closed the four-hour service which was attended by more than 3,000 celebrants and hosted by actor and activist, Danny Glover.


Ras Baraka delivered the rhapsodizing eulogy in the tradition of his father, who was an extraordinary master of the praise form. Amiri Baraka delivered eulogies honoring the famous and well-known, such as James Baldwin and John Coltrane. He also honored lesser known individuals, including friends and relatives. One of Amiri Baraka's more moving eulogies was for his daughter, Shani, who was tragically killed in 2003.


The video of Ras's eulogy can be viewed here (scroll to the bottom of the page for his eulogy, only.)


For now, the eulogy is only available from Black Classic Press and can be purchased by calling 410.2421.6954 or by ordering online now.


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